Adapalene - Can It be Used for Anti-Aging? | CC Podcast #81

Adapalene is the one retinoid that’s available to us as an over the counter topical for acne. This third generation retinoid has become a popular alternative to tretinoin and for good reason! It’s found to be more stable and has less irritation. So naturally, you’re probably wondering…if tretinoin is great for anti-aging, can adapalene work too? 2:15 | What is Adapalene? 5:25 | Can Adapalene be Used for Anti-Aging? 22:10 | How to Use Adapalene in Your Routine

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Tretinoin - Is it bad to use it long term? | CC Podcast #80

A New Year! A New Theme! 2024 is all about skincare ingredients and in this episode, we’re focusing on the OG of retinoids, tretinoin. We review what it is, why it’s so prevalent, and answer one of the most common questions we get on this ingredient: Is using tretinoin long-term bad for skin? Notable Moments: 0:58 | What is Tretinoin? A Review! 9:26 | Is Using Tretinoin Bad for Skin? 24:55 | How to use tretinoin in your skincare routine - Tips & Tricks

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Wrapping Up 2023 | CC Podcast S4E36

It’s the last episode of the 2023! It’s time to lookback on all the skincare science we discussed, all the animals we shared, all the skincare goodness (and craziness) that happened this year. It’s been a great year and we can’t wait for what’s in store for 2024! Happy Holidays!

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Skincare Gifting | CC Podcast S4E35

How is it already end of year?! Well it’s gifting season again, so let’s go through skincare gifting! We decode gift sets, what might be worth it and what we would pass on. We also discuss skincare we would gift as well as skincare we would want gifted to us! Time to get into the Christmas spirit!

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Decode that Trendy Acne Product | CC Podcast S4E33

With acne breakouts being the stubborn, complicated creature that it is, it’s no wonder the world of acne treatment options is a billion-dollar industry. Today we’re walking through some of the recently trendy acne favorites. Are they worth the hype? How important are they to your acne strategy? Let’s dive in! 1:01 | Brand Update: Chemist Confessions Holiday Kits and Our Winter Haitus! 3:54 | In the News: Shiseido enters the wellness category and the death of celebrity brands 11:43 | Decode t...

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Can you combine retinol with ____?

We can’t believe we haven’t done a dedicated podcast episode to anti-aging superstar retinol. This skincare active has been clinically tested (again and again) to effectively improve fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation… you name it! But with thousands of retinol serums to choose from, and even countless different “retinoids” to shop for, it can get confusing fast. So let’s get into the retinoid landscape, interesting retinol clinical tests, and all your retinol questions answered. 0:00 | ...

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Decode that Retinol | Chemist Confessions Podcast S4EP31

Retinol's popularity is ever-growing as THE anti-aging ingredient to dabble into - and for good reason! Butttt with so many retinol serums on the market to choose from, it's bound to lead to some confusing products + claims. So let's take a look at some confusing %s, Cerave's retinol range, and get your burning retinol questions answered! 0:48 | Brand Update: Our Incubator is in full swing! 2:38 | In the News: Melatonin Supplements, Skinification of Makeup, and Animal Cruelty 15:17 | Decode t...

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Skincare for Redness & Sensitive Skin | CC Podcast S4E30

Skincare for sensitive skin sometimes feels like an open-ended category. It can feel like there are too many random products out there and yet too few that really answer sensitive skin needs. In this very dense episode, we talk about what defines sensitive skin, what labels could help, the skin redness conundrum, and how to build a routine for sensitive skin. Settle in! We’re going down the rabbit hole!

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Decode that "Soothing" Product | CC Podcast S4E29

If you have sensitive skin you may find that this realm of skincare just doesn’t speak to your skin needs that well. What’s worse is that if you try shopping for your sensitive skin, you’ll be bombarded with the widest array of skincare products and skincare actives. To help, the chemists break down this category into three groups of “could be better”, “better”, and “best” based on their product testing! Through these examples, the hope is that you’ll be able to research and find a more tailo...

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Are $$$ Luxury Hyperpigmentation Products Worth It? | CC Podcast S4E28

Tackling hyperpigmentation already feels like you need a whole team of products to get any meaningful improvement. But, some of the most popular hyperpigmentation treatments seem to come with the biggest price tags. The chemists give their analysis on this group, run through the testing, and see if these truly live up to their price tag. For once, these frugal chemists might actually be swayed by these luxury serums.

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Decoding Hyperpigmentation Products | CC Podcast S4E27

Hyperpigmentation is probably one of the most stubborn skin concerns to tackle. It takes a lot more patience, diligence, and what feels like an army of actives to see meaningful improvement. Because of this, there are quite a few products in this realm to choose from, and decoding the ingredient list can get pretty messy. We go through two cult favorites and walk through our thought process in shopping for hyperpigmentation products! Lezzgo!

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