Can you combine retinol with ____?

We can’t believe we haven’t done a dedicated podcast episode to anti-aging superstar retinol. This skincare active has been clinically tested (again and again) to effectively improve fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation… you name it! But with thousands of retinol serums to choose from, and even countless different “retinoids” to shop for, it can get confusing fast. So let’s get into the retinoid landscape, interesting retinol clinical tests, and all your retinol questions answered. 0:00 | ...

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Decode that Retinol | Chemist Confessions Podcast S4EP31

Retinol's popularity is ever-growing as THE anti-aging ingredient to dabble into - and for good reason! Butttt with so many retinol serums on the market to choose from, it's bound to lead to some confusing products + claims. So let's take a look at some confusing %s, Cerave's retinol range, and get your burning retinol questions answered! 0:48 | Brand Update: Our Incubator is in full swing! 2:38 | In the News: Melatonin Supplements, Skinification of Makeup, and Animal Cruelty 15:17 | Decode t...

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Decoding ”pregnancy safe” skincare | CC Podcast S4 E11

Since one of the chemists reached a major life change, it’s finally time to dabble in the world of “pregnancy-safe” skincare. It’s not a surprise that this is a realm that doesn’t have a lot of regulation and not a lot of testing. So let’s go through what data IS available and how the chemists would navigate skincare during this more delicate time of life. 2:04 | Brand News: Wrapping up our Sunscreen Challenge and NYC travels 7:51 | The News: Customizable sauces, social media regulation, and ...

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Decode that Retinol Claim | Chemist Confessions Podcast S4 E1

We. are. finally. back! Sorry about this long hiatus. We were working hard to gear up for this new season. The podcast will be sliiiggghhtly different - but this season, we'll be doing WEEKLY episodes. So let's jump right into episode 1 where we take a closer look at the ever-evolving retinol claims landscape! 0:00 | Brand Update: Oh boy, it's been quite a while. Since we last did a podcast episode, our Double Play Retinol face & eye cream clinical results are out. Mr. Reliable 2.0 is also FI...

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