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These Are the Best Skincare Products of 2022

By Byrdie Editors

Scroll on to see which skincare products are considered the best.

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The $20 Luxury Face Cream

By Crystal Martin

There’s a boom in low cost skin-care products with a luxury vibe. Here, a look at some of the best of the new class.

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Diluted Bleach for Your Skin? Here’s the Deal with Hypochlorous Acid

By Andrew Karr

HOCl is all the rage on TikTok—and in your dermatologist’s office

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Meet The Real Beauty Experts

By Sherine Youssef

Tired of fake (tan) news, cosmetic chemists are taking on social media ‘skincare experts’, and this beauty editor is here for it

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By Kish Lal

Get to know the content creators using vetted science and fact-based reporting to fight back against TikTok's rampant misconceptions, falsehoods and myths.

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'Clean' Beauty Products Are A Marketing Triumph

By Savannah Sicurella

"Clean" and plant-based products were supposed to be good for her skin. That's what the beauty industry was telling her, anyway. So why was her skin so inflamed? And what does clean really mean in the first place?

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What Are Peptides? What To Know About This Anti-Aging Ingredient

By Health Editorial Team

Peptides are small proteins that penetrate the skin to moisturize it and help smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. Opt for serums and moisturizers instead of cleansers if you want to try skincare products with peptides. The longer you give peptides time to work on your skin, the more benefits you'll reap.

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How Worried Should I Be About Aluminum in My Deodorant?

By Fiorella Valdesolo

With the growing number of deodorant brands prominently advertising their products as aluminum-free, it’s easy to understand how one might conclude: aluminum, bad, aluminum-free, good. But, as anyone who spends any amount of time trying to decipher personal-care ingredient labels and descriptions knows, that’s not always how beauty marketing works.

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The Lip Balm Ingredients That Actually Work, And The Ones To Avoid

By Joline Buscemi

Not every lip product actually works to rehydrate lips, and the wrong product could even be making the problem worse.

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Diluted bleach for your skin? We asked dermatologists to weigh in on the latest TikTok skin care craze

By Andrew Karr

Hypochlorous acid is touted to help with eczema, acne, psoriasis and more.

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Hyaluronic acid vs niacinamide—how do these two skincare powerhouses differ?

By Aleesha Badkar

While researching and refining your skincare routine, you’re likely to have come across both niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Though they feature in a lot of popular products, knowing the exact differences between hyaluronic acid vs niacinamide is important before you add one or both to your regime.

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How to Tell When You Should Toss Your Skincare Products

By Kristin Howard

While we may be tempted to hold onto products until they’re gone, or if we're just bargaining with the idea that we’ll "use them again someday," hanging on to skincare items like toners, moisturizers, and SPF can come with a price of its own, and according to the experts, it simply isn’t worth it.

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Your Perfect Pimple Patch

By Ali Oshinsky

Ever since I stuck a cut-up Band-Aid on my face in the hopes of healing a particularly uncomfortable whitehead, I’ve been convinced that all hydrocolloid patches [i.e. pimple patches] are pretty much the same. When I emailed cosmetic chemist Victoria Fu on the subject, she confirmed my suspicion. “Hydrocolloid dressings have been around for a while,” Victoria explains, “and they’re all generally made in the same way.

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Skincare 101: The science behind your favorite moisturizers, serums, actives, and more

By Grace Wade

SHARE As the first line of defense to the onslaught of the outside world, our skin fends off cosmic UV rays, reaction-hungry free radicals, and the imminent impact of concrete pavement on an icy day. But laboring on the front lines of anatomy can take its toll—wrinkles, acne, and sunburn are just a handful of the common battle scars of daily life. Caring for the body’s largest organ is crucial to overall health—and can allow us to take control over the signs of wear and tear we’d rather avoid.

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7 Clever Substitutes for Your Favorite Beauty Products

By Elizabeth Denton

We chatted with cosmetic chemists, hairstylists, makeup artists, and trichologists to make sure you're not going to damage your eyes or irritate your skin with these simple hacks. Whether you're stuck at home, traveling light, or trying to save a few bucks, you'll be surprised by how well some of these product swaps work. Grab a well worn-in mascara, neutral brown eye shadow, and some body lotion and get creative.

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Mandelic Acid Is Skincare's Latest It-Girl

By Ali Oshinsky

Let us make the intro: mandelic acid is a gentle alpha hydroxy acid derived from almonds. It’s a favorite of the cosmetic chemist duo Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu, as well as board-certified dermatologist. Dr. Lian Mack. “I’ve been using mandelic acid for years!” says the good doc.

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We Ask a Chemist: What Percentage Vitamin C Serum Is Best?

By Jenny Jin

By now, many of you are familiar with the benefits of using vitamin C in your skincare routine. (As a quick refresher, it’s a potent antioxidant that’s known to brighten skin, fight against free radical damage and promote collagen production.) Given its popularity, there is an abundance of options to choose from, and one of the questions that comes up most when shopping for a vitamin C product is what percentage is best?

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13 Best Cold Creams and How to Use Them for Soft, Moisturized Skin

By Brooke Shunatona

Cold cream is really, truly nothing new—just ask your grandma—and yet most people still don't really, truly know exactly what it is or how to use it (myself included). Is cold cream just another term for a creamy face wash? Or is it a moisturizer? Am I supposed to wash it off or wipe it off? Or am I just supposed to leave it on forever?!

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The 12 Best Lip Stains for Long-Lasting, Photo-Ready Pouts

By Taylor Bushey

The 12 Best Lip Stains for Long-Lasting, Photo-Ready Pouts ; Best Overall. Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain.

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What Is Dimethicone & Is It Bad For Skin & Hair? Let's Investigate The Ingredient

By Andrea Jordan

When it comes to buzzy beauty ingredients, there's one famous (or infamous, depending on your worldview) player found in a slew of beauty products but isn't always referred to as the good guy. Enter, dimethicone. It sounds science-y (note: It is), and chances are if you do a quick Google search, you'll find a ton of conflicting information that will leave you a bit unsure.

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