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Podcast#18 The Other Acids (... but really tranexamic and azelaic acid)

Chemists Gloria & Victoria realized that they spend so much time talking about AHAs glycolic and lactic acid, they've neglected all the other great acids of skincare. So in episode 18, they decided to put the spotlight on tranexamic and azelaic acid over a few beers.

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Vitamin C Derivatives... who reigns supreme!| CC Podcast Ep 17

Chemists Gloria and Victoria have seen a huge amount of new vitamin C derivative products on the market recently! So in this episode, they sit down to talk about their favorite and least favorite vitamin C derivatives over a few cans of good ol' white claw. 1:00 Skincare Decoded Content preview 6:35 Addressing some constructive feedback 12:50 What kind of questions we don't answer... and why we invite other experts on our channel! 17:00 In the News 34:30 The Meat! Vitamin C Derivatives 56:05 ...

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