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Resveratrol- Is it Better Than Vitamin C? | CC Podcast #94

We’ve encountered many skincare users who have discovered that the Vitamin C realm is just not their cup of tea and neither is it for their skin. Enter resveratrol! We discuss what resveratrol is, its antioxidant capabilities, and why despite the amount of data, we consider this a solid option as a non-Vitamin C antioxidant replacement. You’ve been warned, we get nerdy here, but lets go down the rabbit hole shall we?

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Skincare Botanicals Update | CC Podcast S4 E2

Exotic plant extracts are making their way back into the skincare spotlight. Let's go through them shall we? The chemists stumble on a few with some eyebrow-raising claims. 0:00 | Nice Words 4:45 | The Meatz Pt. 1: The challenges of botanicals in skincare + Colostrum, Mushrooms, Sea Fennel 24:06 | Animal Fun Fact Corner: Canadian Super Pigs 29:48 | The Meatz Pt. 2: What happened to CBD?

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2022 Antioxidants Update & New Launches | CC Podcast S3 EP 4

In episode 4 of 2022, chemists Gloria & Victoria decided that it's time to revisit antioxidants. It's a vast and messy world! So how are antioxidants tested in skincare? And why are we STILL talking about vitamin C? 0:00 | Brand Update 7:56 | In the News: More celebrity launches... and a crystal chalice for your skincare?? 18:36 | And a special blip on decoding Skinceutical's new launch Phyto+ Brightening! 22:08 | The Meat Pt 1: The science of antioxidants... and why it's a vast, messy topic ...

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Vitamin C Derivatives... who reigns supreme!| CC Podcast Ep 17

Chemists Gloria and Victoria have seen a huge amount of new vitamin C derivative products on the market recently! So in this episode, they sit down to talk about their favorite and least favorite vitamin C derivatives over a few cans of good ol' white claw. 1:00 Skincare Decoded Content preview 6:35 Addressing some constructive feedback 12:50 What kind of questions we don't answer... and why we invite other experts on our channel! 17:00 In the News 34:30 The Meat! Vitamin C Derivatives 56:05 ...

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