Skincare Botanicals Update | CC Podcast S4 E2

Exotic plant extracts are making their way back into the skincare spotlight. Let's go through them shall we? The chemists stumble on a few with some eyebrow-raising claims. 0:00 | Nice Words 4:45 | The Meatz Pt. 1: The challenges of botanicals in skincare + Colostrum, Mushrooms, Sea Fennel 24:06 | Animal Fun Fact Corner: Canadian Super Pigs 29:48 | The Meatz Pt. 2: What happened to CBD?

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2022 Antioxidants Update & New Launches | CC Podcast S3 EP 4

In episode 4 of 2022, chemists Gloria & Victoria decided that it's time to revisit antioxidants. It's a vast and messy world! So how are antioxidants tested in skincare? And why are we STILL talking about vitamin C? 0:00 | Brand Update 7:56 | In the News: More celebrity launches... and a crystal chalice for your skincare?? 18:36 | And a special blip on decoding Skinceutical's new launch Phyto+ Brightening! 22:08 | The Meat Pt 1: The science of antioxidants... and why it's a vast, messy topic ...

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Vitamin C Derivatives... who reigns supreme!| CC Podcast Ep 17

Chemists Gloria and Victoria have seen a huge amount of new vitamin C derivative products on the market recently! So in this episode, they sit down to talk about their favorite and least favorite vitamin C derivatives over a few cans of good ol' white claw. 1:00 Skincare Decoded Content preview 6:35 Addressing some constructive feedback 12:50 What kind of questions we don't answer... and why we invite other experts on our channel! 17:00 In the News 34:30 The Meat! Vitamin C Derivatives 56:05 ...

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