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Should You Buy an Eye Cream? | CC Podcast S4 Ep4

It’s time to get into the Eye Cream Meatz! A topic we’ve been avoiding for far too long. The main struggle is that the biology is complex and the research is sparse, ultimately leading to a confusing product landscape with just one too many vitamin C eye creams to choose from. We’ll walk through the eye cream category and help assess what makes for a better/best eye cream or…an eye cream that needs a whole lot of faith!

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Decoding Eye Creams! | CC Podcast S4 Ep3

We’ve been avoiding it too long, but it’s time to tackle eye creams! In this episode, we break down the three types of eye claims you’ll come across: the faux clinical claim, the “not so clinical” clinical claim, and the legit clinical claim! 0:43 | Nice Words 4:01 | The News: Cetaphil’s AI, Idris Elba’s new line, Winnie Harlow’s new line, and an article on glycerin 22:18 | Decode that Claim: Farmacy’s Wake Up Honey Eye Cream 31:12 | Q&A: Retinol ramp up & retinol in wash off products?

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