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Looking back at 2022 | CC Podcast S3 E11

Annnnddd that's a wrap everyone! In this episode, chemists Gloria and Victoria take a look back at the best moments of 2022, best products they've tried in the past year, and talks about some tips on starting your 2023 skincare journey on the right note.

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THE First ever Chemist Confessions Podcast episode: Coochie Fire

A nice little throwback! All the way to when the chemists' first decided to explore this format of ranting about all things skincare over a few alcoholic beverages. The skincare chemists, Gloria and Victoria, attempt this thing called a podcast. Listen to them drop cups, scoot chairs, and talk about a little bit of skincare. We're talking about fear mongering apps, PHAs, and skincare blunders... hang in there guys!

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