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A Chemists' Guide to Navigating "Retinol Alternative" Skincare

Retinol’s popularity has only continued to grow in the past few years with no signs of slowing down. And for good reason! Of the actives out there, it comes with quite a resume of data behind it for reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and even a little acne assistance. However, with that popularity comes a lot of confusion. Choosing the right retinol product can already be complicated, but on top of that, there’s a whole slew of “retinol alternatives” available on the market. In fact, if yo...

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Azelaic, Tranexamic, Kojic Acid... The Chemists' Best Hyperpigmentation Ingredients Guide

Uneven skin tone, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun spots, acne scars, melasma… it doesn’t matter what type of hyperpigmentation concern you have, this is one of THE most stubborn skin concerns to tackle. This is an arena where you don’t just need one single BEST ingredient, but a whole family of clinically validated hyperpigmentation-busting ingredients. So let’s go through some of the ingredients you’ll likely come across in your quest to brighten, even skin tone, and tac...

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Chemist Confessions Instagram postInstagram
Chemist Confessions
Chemist Confessions Instagram postInstagram
Chemist Confessions
Chemist Confessions Instagram postInstagram
Chemist Confessions
OCTOBER 12, 2022
Chemist Confessions Instagram postInstagram
Chemist Confessions
AUGUST 9, 2022

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The Book: Skincare Decoded

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