Decode that Trendy Acne Product | CC Podcast S4E33

First Posted on November 7, 2023 in:insights & debunksshop like a pro

With acne breakouts being the stubborn, complicated creature that it is, it’s no wonder the world of acne treatment options is a billion-dollar industry. Today we’re walking through some of the recently trendy acne favorites. Are they worth the hype? How important are they to your acne strategy? Let’s dive in! 

1:01 | Brand Update: Chemist Confessions Holiday Kits and Our Winter Haitus!

3:54 | In the News: Shiseido enters the wellness category and the death of celebrity brands

11:43 | Decode that Product: Tower 28 Spray, hydrocolloid patches, PanOxyl’s BPO cleanser

26:04 | Q&A: Retinol for body, microcurrent devices, and freckles



chemist confessions guide to acne

The Chemists' Comprehensive Guide to Acne PT. 1

*For severe and cystic acne breakouts, we recommend finding an awesome dermatologist who is willing to help shape and build your acne routine from cleanser to treatment. Dermatologists are the only ones that will be able to prescribe more effective medication. Bring your products in to show your dermatologist so they can get a full understanding of your current regimen and what you’ve already tried. **As a nice supplement, checkout our oily skin guide to build out your skincare routine fundam...

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Decoding Acne Claims? | CC Podcast S4 Ep7

It’s time for our annual recap on acne. A ~$9 billion dollar industry with thousands of touted acne products. Unfortunately this category sometimes gets a pass when it comes to proper claims because everyone rides the OTC salicylic acid claim. That means it’ll take a little decoding to really know what claims are legitimately helpful for post acne marks (and not just hyperpigmentation). Let’s do this! 0:57 | Brand News: Trade shows and major sunscreen content coming! 4:00 | The News: Curology...

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