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Find Your Cleanser Like a Chemist | CC Podcast S4E10

Cleansers are a pretty good hybrid of an art and a science. Aside from a few basic criteria like gentleness and cleansing power, why you like a cleanser can get pretty personal. This makes shopping for a cleanser pretty difficult, but you have us! And we’ll try to put some logic to this world, so let’s do it! 1:07 | Nice Words We Didn’t Pay For 4:35 | The Meatz Pt. 1: A brief history of surfactants and where the technology is headed! 26:16 | Animal Corner: The Binturong 29:24 | The Meatz Pt. ...

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Decoding Cleanser Claims | CC Podcast S4E9

Let’s decode the mysterious world of cleansers! One of the most personal skincare product categories around where the science doesn’t quite link as well to product success. So how helpful are cleanser claims? And how well do they lead to your next holy grail cleanser? Let’s get into the bubbly, soapy, madness! 0:52 | Brand News: Our 30 for 30 sunscreens challenge has kicked off! And a product update? 6:42 | The News: Beauty Metaverse, NFTs, and product launches 24:36 | Decode That Claim: Clea...

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