all good skincare starts with a chemist (OR two)

In a past life, the chemists found little joy launching products for the sake of launching, only to create more of the same and more waste. Here, we only launch products that either have a marked improvement from the rest and/or solve a need gap.

supergreat - do not delete

carefully selected ingredients in chemist-approved formulas

There are millions of ingredients out there, which means we vet every one of our selected ingredients for the best sourcing and performance. Then, we roll up our very cool lab coat sleeves and get to work, putting these fussy ingredients into a winning formula that’ll go to work for your skin.

with our chemist magic, our formulas can do more

We created our formulas to be used in multiple ways in order to give you full control in how you integrate our products into your routine. Why? Because each of our skin types is just that personal.


we can all navigate the skincare industry cyborg machine

As two skincare chemists with an equally terrible sense of humor, our friendship began in the cubicles of a big beauty company. Together, we began dreaming of a different approach to skincare - one in which the chemists’ voice no longer fell by the wayside to marketing trends and the customer had the knowledge to navigate the overstated claims and underwhelming results that is the skincare-industry-cyborg -machine.

with A combined 20 years of experience, WE decided to try FIXing THINGS OURSELVEs

We started Chemist Confessions to achieve just that in two parts. We built a world of education to empower the individual to confidently navigate the skincare world. Alongside that, we created a suite of skincare solutions that can be mixed and match to tailor to any routine and any skin type.

Whether you're a skincare novice or a skincare peace prize winner, we are here to help you build a long term skincare routine that works for you.

Gloria & Victoria

Ready to enter
the chemist-verse?

We’re 1 part good skincare and 1 part science education. Checkout our blog for rabbit-hole induced deep dives on any skincare subject you want to learn about. The podcast is your go to for a more casual conversation on skincare science. Finally, if you’re a tactile reader that wants a little more order and guides, checkout our book: Skincare Decoded.



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