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Skincare Decoded: The pratical guide to skincare

Who said chemical exfoliants aren't for dry skin and sensitive skin types? Baby Step's 30% gluconolactone and 15% lactic acid make this product ideal to obtain a smoother, brighter complexion in the most gentle of ways. This treatment doubles as a nightly booster or as a once a week rinse-off mask. It's chemical exfoliant customizability at your fingertips!


How to read

Do you really need a ten-step skincare regimen? Is that $100 eye cream worth it? What's up with the CBD trend? Let's face it... we're all a little lost in the skincare world. In this book, the chemists breakdown the overly complex skincare industry and answer your burning questions.

Let the Appendix Guide me

For those burning skincare questions you need answered, use the book as a point of reference and let the appendix guide you.

I'm a traditionalist: front to back

The book is broken up into three parts: 1. The fundamentals - cleanse, moisturize, and protect 2. The Big Four Actives you'll want in your life and 3. How to build a routine based on your skin concerns.

Pssst...did you know?

The book was our COVID baby that took us four rewrites before we were willing to let it be published. Neither of us are writers.


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