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Decoding ”pregnancy safe” skincare | CC Podcast S4 E11

First Posted on May 30, 2023 in:acneinsights & debunksretinol

Since one of the chemists reached a major life change, it’s finally time to dabble in the world of “pregnancy-safe” skincare. It’s not a surprise that this is a realm that doesn’t have a lot of regulation and not a lot of testing. So let’s go through what data IS available and how the chemists would navigate skincare during this more delicate time of life.

2:04 | Brand News: Wrapping up our Sunscreen Challenge and NYC travels

7:51 | The News: Customizable sauces, social media regulation, and a celebrity beauty launch

21:23 | Decode That Claim: “Pregancy Safe”

52:04 | Q&A: Do skincare actives even work? I heard they don’t even penetrate the skin…


"Pregnancy Safe" Skincare - Does that Mean Anything?

Since one of the chemists is now preggers, we can no longer avoid this can of worms. It’s time to tackle the topic of pregnancy-safe skincare and what that even means! We admit that the main reason for avoiding this topic for as long as we have is because, 1. This discussion is still best decided with your doctor. And 2. The data behind any sort of pregnancy-safe claims is sparse at best. Knowing this, let’s try to go through some of the data and why pregnancy-safe skincare may or may not mat...

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Actives Pairings With Clinical Testing Behind Them

*Updated as of 5/17/2022 When you start dabbling in actives, you’ll easily fall into the rabbit hole of what you can and can’t layer. One of the complicated aspects of trying to figure out actives layering and why brands may not even be able to give clear answers is simply the fact it hasn’t gone through enough testing to truly know. Not to mention, the formulas these actives sit in can add another layer of complexity. The good thing is there are some active combinations that have been looked...

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