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Decode that Retinol Claim | Chemist Confessions Podcast S4 E1

First Posted on March 21, 2023 in:anti-aginginsights & debunksretinol

We. are. finally. back! Sorry about this long hiatus. We were working hard to gear up for this new season. The podcast will be sliiiggghhtly different - but this season, we'll be doing WEEKLY episodes. So let's jump right into episode 1 where we take a closer look at the ever-evolving retinol claims landscape!

0:00 | Brand Update: Oh boy, it's been quite a while. Since we last did a podcast episode, our Double Play Retinol face & eye cream clinical results are out. Mr. Reliable 2.0 is also FINALLY out.

6:08 | In the News: AI picked fragrance (?!) and what's trending?

18:10 | Decode that Claim: Let's take a closer look at Dermalogica's new Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum with 3.5% retinoid complex! What does that % mean?

26:00 | Q&A: Mixing your skincare products - yay or nay? How often should you slug?


Our Double Play Retinol Clinical Testing Journey

We always talk a lot about the value of clinical tests in skincare and how helpful they can be in making a purchasing decision. Needless to say, we're doing celebratory dances over here because we finally completed our first clinical, designed with all the bells & whistles that we wanted. After 12 weeks of testing our Double Play Retinol Eye & Face Treatment, we’re excited to finally share the results. This has truly evolved into one of our more elaborate projects that took 2+ years to formul...

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Actives Pairings With Clinical Testing Behind Them

*Updated as of 5/17/2022 When you start dabbling in actives, you’ll easily fall into the rabbit hole of what you can and can’t layer. One of the complicated aspects of trying to figure out actives layering and why brands may not even be able to give clear answers is simply the fact it hasn’t gone through enough testing to truly know. Not to mention, the formulas these actives sit in can add another layer of complexity. The good thing is there are some active combinations that have been looked...

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