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Madecassoside - the real hero in Centella Asiatica "Cica" Skincare

Centella asiatica (a.k.a. All things “cica” in skinare) is a popular skincare ingredient that touts soothing benefits. You might be wondering what sets centella apart when it seems like every plant extract you hear about in skincare touts “soothing”, “anti-inflammatory (a big no-no since this is a drug claim but it’s out there)”, and “antioxidant” benefits. But hear it from the chemists! – very few of these ingredients actually have clinical evidence proving that they work in skincare. From t...

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How Helpful is Skincare for Redness? (aka. Erythema)

One of the budding categories in the “soothing” skincare realm is dedicated to tackling skin redness (aka. erythema). However, tackling redness isn’t very straightforward because the external culprit for causing redness can be incredibly diverse. In this guide, we’ll help explain what is erythema, the causes of erythema, and what skincare ingredients to target for your skin redness scenario. Let’s Breakdown Erythema The most stripped-down definition of skin erythema is the temporary reddening...

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What's the deal with CBD serums & oils? - The 2023 edition

Back in fall 2019, we wrote a blog post on CBD in skincare when it was all the rage. During the early days of Covid lockdowns, it really felt like there was a new CBD miracle serum or oil every other week. Even now in spring of 2023, there are still a lot of questions and mystique around this ingredient. So it’s time to revisit CBD and see just what CBD does in skincare, if there are any new clinical studies that have come out on topical CBD, just who might benefit from CBD skincare, and how ...

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Botanicals: A Skincare Ingredient Jungle

Our podcast episode 20 covered the troublesome world of botanicals… and why we chemists have a tough time talking about this group. But in case our silly humor and amateur podcast style isn’t your style (we’re working on it! promise!), we took to a blog article to highlight some of the ingredients we covered in the episode! Why Botanicals are a Difficult Topic First of all, there… are… just… so many botanicals. Hundreds of ingredients and each promising to be “so soothing, with so much antiox...

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Inflammaging: Why Tackling Inflammation is a Real Anti-Aging Move

Probably stemming from a combo of the pandemic, staying indoors, self-care, there’s been a lot of different skincare trends on the rise. A recent trend that we’re fully on board with is tackling skin inflammation. A majority of people don’t realize how impactful inflammation can be on skin and happens to be the catalyst for a lot of annoying skin concerns like dry skin, angry acne breakouts, and aging. In fact, a big part of managing skincare conditions such as eczema and psoriasis is managin...

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