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Sunscreen Challenge

Results Summary for our 2023 30-for-30 Sunscreen Challenge

In celebration of summer, we decided to test 30 different sunscreens over 30 days to see how these applied, how they held up over time, and even how they wash off. Please head to our TikTok and Instagram channel if you want to see the visuals. Otherwise here’s the running list of sunscreens we’ve tried, our rating, and why: *To help readers learn more about products showcased in this challenge, we built out and organized these results in Shop My Shelf. We do receive a small commission for usi...

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Chemists' Ultimate Sunscreen Application Guide

We’ve hit sunscreen season again! With summer in full swing, the most important yet basic fundamental for good sunscreen protection is simply applying sunscreen correctly to safeguard skin from sunburns, risks of skin cancer, and premature skin aging. It’s not enough to just remember to use sunscreen here and there. Proper application (and re-application!) is key to ensuring you’re getting the proper, advertised level of sun protection throughout the day. So whether you’re got grandiose trave...

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Controversy Corner: Do We Absorb Sunscreen Filters Into Our Bloodstreams?

In this blog post: Headlines or Clickbait? Real life vs. Laboratory Conditions What we know today - Truth isn't always satisfying Key Takeaways References for your... Reference Every year, as things start to heat up, our thoughts turn once again to sunscreen. What SPF do I need? Mineral or chemical? Is this going to make me stickier than an ice cream on a hot day? How much should I use? (Hey Tiktok, it’s more than 2 fingers’ worth.) To add to the noise, sunscreen often gets caught in the cros...

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The Chemists' Comprehensive Guide to Sunscreens PT. 2

By now, hopefully we’ve given you a general idea of why you should use sunscreen (premature aging and skin cancer! do we need to say more?!) and are up to date on sunscreen news (chemical sunscreens could use some PR help). Now that you have a sense of the state of the sunscreen world, let’s get to the good stuff and talk products and how to pick your next winning sunscreen sidekick! Step 1: You feeling Chemical or Mineral? The category is vast, confusing, and keeps adding new launches. It do...

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The Chemists' Comprehensive Guide to Sunscreens Pt.1

Looking for a review on sunscreens?! Well look no further! Summer is just around the corner and the skincare market is already starting to rollout with new sunscreen launches. On top of all this, sunscreens have recently been under a lot of scrutiny with all the recent SPF testing drama. That, plus the FDA blood stream study and coral reefs... this category seriously just can’t catch a break. So it's high time we updated our sunscreens guide. In this part I, we’ll go over the basic science of...

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The 2020 #LazyPoll Collection - The Best Lists From the IG Community

Let's hear From the IG Skincare Community! In 2020 we started running a few #lazypolls on instagram, where we polled our community of followers on their top skincare favorites. These were a huge success not only because of the product discoveries but we discovered fellow skincare users helping others through the poll threads. We had to compile the! So here you'll find the compilation of all the lazypolls we ran in 2020 and should you need more details, head to shop my shelf lin...

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