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Sustainability vs. Beauty

In this (packed!) blog post: Ingredient Sourcing: a closer look at palm oil A Brand's Carbon Footprint Sustainable Packaging (plastic, glass, aluminum) Key Takeaways References Here at Chemist Confessions, we don’t avoid complex or loaded topics. And there are few topics as complex and as loaded as sustainability. The difficulty in coming up with solutions for a global problem with so many moving parts and people involved is enough to boggle even the brightest minds. Even if we were just addr...

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How Sustainable is Sustainability in Skincare?

*As of Earth Day 2021 As creatures of this planet and lovers of animals we can’t help but feel a slight sense of impending doom when you think about the state of Mother Earth and global warming. The good news is that sustainability is a major topic in the cosmetic industry and we don’t see this initiative going away anytime soon (partially in thanks to you the knowledgeable consumer *clap clap clap). So with that, let’s open up this big can of worms and do a general update on the skincare ind...

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