Decode that "Soothing" Product | CC Podcast S4E29

If you have sensitive skin you may find that this realm of skincare just doesn’t speak to your skin needs that well. What’s worse is that if you try shopping for your sensitive skin, you’ll be bombarded with the widest array of skincare products and skincare actives. To help, the chemists break down this category into three groups of “could be better”, “better”, and “best” based on their product testing! Through these examples, the hope is that you’ll be able to research and find a more tailo...

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Are $$$ Luxury Hyperpigmentation Products Worth It? | CC Podcast S4E28

Tackling hyperpigmentation already feels like you need a whole team of products to get any meaningful improvement. But, some of the most popular hyperpigmentation treatments seem to come with the biggest price tags. The chemists give their analysis on this group, run through the testing, and see if these truly live up to their price tag. For once, these frugal chemists might actually be swayed by these luxury serums.

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Decoding Hyperpigmentation Products | CC Podcast S4E27

Hyperpigmentation is probably one of the most stubborn skin concerns to tackle. It takes a lot more patience, diligence, and what feels like an army of actives to see meaningful improvement. Because of this, there are quite a few products in this realm to choose from, and decoding the ingredient list can get pretty messy. We go through two cult favorites and walk through our thought process in shopping for hyperpigmentation products! Lezzgo!

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Slugging with Occlusives? | CC Podcast S4E26

If you’re a skincare junkie, you’ve probably come across the term “slugging”. This trend of sealing in your moisturizing routine with a balm really highlights the benefits of occlusives. These waxy, oily, balmy substances are pretty helpful to your moisturizer game, so let’s get into the science, the controversy, and just which occlusive product to include in your arsenal!

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Decode that Occlusive | CC Podcast S4E25

The slugging trend is here to stay and if you've ventured into this realm, you might have realized that the products suggested can vary a lot! Here we decode two popular "slugging" products and go through which one to choose for your skin type.

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Are you Exfoliating Correctly? | CC Podcast S4E24

It's time for an exfoliation update! But this time, we're spending a segment on physical exfoliators aka. scrubs. Scrubs can actually be a helpful addition to your exfoliation game specifically for very stubborn texture concerns and blackheads. We discuss the various kinds of scrubs, any testing behind them, and what to look for when you're shopping for them!

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Decode that Home Peel | CC Podcast S4E23

Correction on this episode!! Someone on instagram kindly pointed out to us the base we so blatantly missed on the Dermalogica Peelfoliant. We received the product, and measured the pH. The product has a pH of 3.6, which is consistent with most home peels on the market. We'd say this is a home peel on a mid to mild intensity! Correction 2: our friend aesthi friend @cherrydollface pointed out to us that many in-office peels don't really require neutralization. Consult your professional on wha...

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To Decode or Not to Decode the Ingredient List | CC Podcast S4E22

6 years ago our journey started in skincare education started with decoding ingredient lists. Since then, this realm has evolved a lot...for better or worse. In this episode, we've decided to take some time to break down decodes based on product type and discuss when decoding can be helpful and when decoding could lead you into a pit of confusion.

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Decode that Claim (Challenge Mode) | CC Podcast S4E21

We’ve been decoding all sorts of claims in the skincare world, but devices happen to be some of the most confusing products to figure out. Today it’s decode challenge mode! We walk through a really good example of a device that comes with the works in terms of claims and talk about what to pay attention to and what we’d probably ignore.

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Which Vitamin C Derivative is Better? | CC Podcast Episode S4E20

There’s a whole world of Vitamin C molecules outside of ascorbic acid, but they all get lumped under the “Vitamin C” serum category. The difficulty here is that not every molecule has been validated to give the same benefits of ascorbic acid. So let’s get into a few of the major players, what they’ve been tested for, and how to go about shopping for these Vitamin C alternatives.

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Which Vitamin C Dupe Reigns Supreme? | CC Podcast S4E18

You’ve probably wondered, “Out of all the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Dupes out there, which one should I buy?” Well we’ve decided to put a few dupes to the test. After some surprising results, we go over which serums we would avoid. We also discuss what clues to look for to help you decide whether or not its time to let that Vitamin C serum go. Let’s get into it! 1:24 | Nice Words We Didn’t Pay For 6:20 | The Meatz Pt. 1: Did You Know? All About Ascorbic Acid Serums 26:11 | Animal Corner: The L...

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