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Decode that Claim (Challenge Mode) | CC Podcast S4E21

First Posted on August 17, 2023 in:insights & debunksshop like a pro

We’ve been decoding all sorts of claims in the skincare world, but devices happen to be some of the most confusing products to figure out. Today it’s decode challenge mode! We walk through a really good example of a device that comes with the works in terms of claims and talk about what to pay attention to and what we’d probably ignore.




Decoding Moisturizer Ingredients

There's an unbelievable amount of moisturizing products out on the market, each promising skin that is softer, plumper, and more dewy than the next. But sadly, more often then not, consumers are left wondering "why is my skin still so dry despite my decked out moisturizer routine?" The reality is that there isn’t just one “best” moisturizer for your face. Each of us has incredibly unique skin with its own quirks, and no one’s skin condition fits neatly into the dry/oily/combination skin type ...

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