Decoding Vitamin C Products | CC Podcast S4E15

Vitamin C is definitely a must-have active during summer because of its excellent antioxidant properties to help prevent and combat photodamage. Because of its benefits, this category has expanded in the last couple of years into different formats outside of the classic: water-based, suspension, and powder formats. In this episode, let’s decode a wash-off mask, a stick, and an AOX sunscreen to see if these alternative formats hold any merit. 1:08 | Brand News: Website Sneak Peak and The Next ...

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Decode that Moisturizer | CC Podcast S4E13

It’s time to give our skin barrier some spotlight. But wait! When you start going down the rabbit hole of moisturizers, you stumble on some very odd formulation. So let’s go through some recent product launches and see if we can figure out what exactly we want in a moisturizer and how to make sense of the wild ingredients and claims. 1:10 | Brand News: Chemist Confessions might be getting a new look! 0:47 | The News: Questionable Sunscreen Articles, Celebrity Routines, and New Tech 17:30 | De...

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Find Your Cleanser Like a Chemist | CC Podcast S4E10

Cleansers are a pretty good hybrid of an art and a science. Aside from a few basic criteria like gentleness and cleansing power, why you like a cleanser can get pretty personal. This makes shopping for a cleanser pretty difficult, but you have us! And we’ll try to put some logic to this world, so let’s do it! 1:07 | Nice Words We Didn’t Pay For 4:35 | The Meatz Pt. 1: A brief history of surfactants and where the technology is headed! 26:16 | Animal Corner: The Binturong 29:24 | The Meatz Pt. ...

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Decoding Sunscreen Claims | CC Podcast S4 Ep5

Sunny days ahead! That means it’s time to roll out the sunscreen content and we definitely had to start with sunscreen claims. The category has exploded into all sorts of formats and now we’re seeing brands get fancy with them by adding actives as well. So what does this mean? Is this how we decide which sunscreen is better? Let’s get into it! 0:52 | Nice Words 8:14 | The News: Big Money Acquisitions, More AI Stuff, and New Launches 20:56 | Decode That Claim: Sunscreens with Actives…do they m...

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Decoding Eye Creams! | CC Podcast S4 Ep3

We’ve been avoiding it too long, but it’s time to tackle eye creams! In this episode, we break down the three types of eye claims you’ll come across: the faux clinical claim, the “not so clinical” clinical claim, and the legit clinical claim! 0:43 | Nice Words 4:01 | The News: Cetaphil’s AI, Idris Elba’s new line, Winnie Harlow’s new line, and an article on glycerin 22:18 | Decode that Claim: Farmacy’s Wake Up Honey Eye Cream 31:12 | Q&A: Retinol ramp up & retinol in wash off products?

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