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Decoding Eye Creams! | CC Podcast S4 Ep3

First Posted on April 3, 2023 in:eye areainsights & debunksshop like a pro

We’ve been avoiding it too long, but it’s time to tackle eye creams! In this episode, we break down the three types of eye claims you’ll come across: the faux clinical claim, the “not so clinical” clinical claim, and the legit clinical claim!

0:43 | Nice Words

4:01 | The News: Cetaphil’s AI, Idris Elba’s new line, Winnie Harlow’s new line, and an article on glycerin

22:18 | Decode that Claim: Farmacy’s Wake Up Honey Eye Cream

31:12 | Q&A: Retinol ramp up & retinol in wash off products?


Can Eye Creams Actually Treat Your Dark Circles, Puffiness, or Eye Bags?

We’ve been dragging our feet on this topic for a while! The main reason we have been avoiding the big eye cream question for so long is simply because the data here is depressingly sparse. The few studies that exist in the eye cream category can lack logic or have lackluster results. All in all, not the most scintillating or uplifting of skin concerns for us to talk about. However, we can’t ignore the fact that eye area concerns are a big topic. Plus it happens to be a personal concern of our...

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