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Decode that Moisturizer | CC Podcast S4E13

First Posted on June 12, 2023 in:insights & debunksshop like a pro

It’s time to give our skin barrier some spotlight. But wait! When you start going down the rabbit hole of moisturizers, you stumble on some very odd formulation. So let’s go through some recent product launches and see if we can figure out what exactly we want in a moisturizer and how to make sense of the wild ingredients and claims.

1:10 | Brand News: Chemist Confessions might be getting a new look!

0:47 | The News: Questionable Sunscreen Articles, Celebrity Routines, and New Tech

17:30 | Decode That Claim: Cleansers, Luxury Retinols, and Moisturizers with Too Many Actives

31:24 | Q&A: Sunscreen Sticks as a Layering Tool & AHAs + Vitamin C


Decoding Moisturizer Ingredients

There's an unbelievable amount of moisturizing products out on the market, each promising skin that is softer, plumper, and more dewy than the next. But sadly, more often then not, consumers are left wondering "why is my skin still so dry despite my decked out moisturizer routine?" The reality is that there isn’t just one “best” moisturizer for your face. Each of us has incredibly unique skin with its own quirks, and no one’s skin condition fits neatly into the dry/oily/combination skin type ...

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Get to know your dry skin!

If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll often hear about Gloria’s dry dry skin. Being naturally on the dry side means that your skin is probably the subject of everyone’s envy during the hormonal, acne-prone teenage years. However, before you know it, BAM! Fine lines are sadly ahead of schedule. So let’s take a closer look at the biology of dry skin, how to choose the right products to tackle dry skin, and what are some holy grail ingredients. My skin is parched! Just what does it m...

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