Do You Need a Cleansing Oil to Remove Sunscreen? | CC Podcast #101

The chemists are gearing up for their 30 for 30 sunscreen challenge test! So naturally this is a great time to check up on some of the latest studies on sunscreens. We cover a large survey study on people’s sunscreen application habits (spoiler alert: it’s not great), an oil based vs water based cleanser study on sunscreen removal, a new J&J SPF50 vs SPF100 study, and an update on the ongoing studies on sunscreen’s impact on coral reef. 1:33 | Survey of 2000+ people and their sunscreen applic...

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The Chemists' (true) Confessions | CC Podcast #100

We’ve reached the 100th Episode! This week we’re going down memory lane ranking our top 5 podcast moments and our favorite skincare science. We also decide to reveal some true chemist “confessions”. We share what popular ingredients we might not be fully on board with and even what skincare steps we forget. Time for some fun!This week, take 25% off your CC order with code CCPOD100! Ends 6/9/241:40 | Top Podcast Highlights: $5000 Skincare Chalice, cleanser science, and testing out vitamin C du...

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Plant stuff that should be on your radar (bisabolol, turmeric extract, and indian frankincense) | CC Podcast #99

We’re back in the realm of plant extracts in skincare! This is a realm where real clinical data is quite sparse. So even simple questions like “does this extract work?” can be difficult to answer. In this episode, we discuss 3 plant ingredients with just enough interesting testing data for us to say “this is worth trying”.2:10 | Bisabolol - soothing powerhouse derived from German chamomile7:45 | Turmeric extract and their surprising benefit for those with oily skin23:40 | Boswellia Serrata (I...

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Vitamin C - Is it Actually Helpful for Hyperpigmentation | CC Podcast #95

We’ve dedicated many episodes to Vitamin C, but there’s still more to cover! Recently, there have been a lot of Vitamin C launches and they are specifically for tackling hyperpigmentation. What makes this arena slightly confusing is that many of these products use Vitamin C derivatives. But, how helpful is Vitamin C in helping to tackle this very stubborn skin concern? And which Vitamin C molecule is best? We discuss all this and more. It’s time to go down the rabbit hole again!

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Resveratrol- Is it Better Than Vitamin C? | CC Podcast #94

We’ve encountered many skincare users who have discovered that the Vitamin C realm is just not their cup of tea and neither is it for their skin. Enter resveratrol! We discuss what resveratrol is, its antioxidant capabilities, and why despite the amount of data, we consider this a solid option as a non-Vitamin C antioxidant replacement. You’ve been warned, we get nerdy here, but lets go down the rabbit hole shall we?

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Kojic Acid - What Benefits Does It Have For Skin? | CC Podcast #93

There’s a lot of rice-based ingredients and rice-adjacent ingredients in skincare. They can span from functional ingredients such as waxes and thickeners to exotic actives like the very famous Pitera. Amongst all of these ingredients, there’s one isolated active compound that we believe deserves some attention and that is kojic acid. This ingredient is a byproduct of the sake fermentation process and happens to have some solid data as a hyperpigmentation-fighting active. So let’s dive in! 1:2...

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