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Vitamin C Derivatives... who reigns supreme!| CC Podcast Ep 17

First Posted on March 2, 2021 in:antioxidantdecoding actives

Chemists Gloria and Victoria have seen a huge amount of new vitamin C derivative products on the market recently! So in this episode, they sit down to talk about their favorite and least favorite vitamin C derivatives over a few cans of good ol' white claw.

1:00 Skincare Decoded Content preview

6:35 Addressing some constructive feedback

12:50 What kind of questions we don't answer... and why we invite other experts on our channel!

17:00 In the News

34:30 The Meat! Vitamin C Derivatives

56:05 Animal Corner: how do wombats poop cubes?

1:00:40 Q&A



The Non-Vitamin C Antioxidants

The summer season is prime time to experiment with the category of antioxidants. All that extra sun means all that potential for photodamage. But all we’ve been talking about here have been very heavily Vitamin C focused, so what about all the other guys you hear about? The Chemist Have to Do Their Annual Rant But wait! What’s this? Another moment for the chemists to moan about the antioxidant category? The definition of antioxidant has truly been dragged through the mud because everything fr...

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Vitamin C: The Antioxidant Powerhouse

Vitamin C serums is probably one of the most popular products with countless new launches every year. Their lasting popularity make a lot of sense! Simply put, Vitamin C (specifically ascorbic acid) is one of the most validated actives in the skincare world for its clinical benefits. It has been proven to prevent free radical damage, brighten hyperpigmentation, and even boost collagen production. But given vitamin C’s popularity, it’s only gotten MORE difficult to choose the best vitamin C se...

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