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Collagen Supplements - Yay or Nay?

2020 was the year for stay at home self care, which pretty much led to a huge hunt for all things diet and wellness including collagen ingestibles. In fact, there’s so much collagen stuff out there that there’s even recipes like collagen cupcakes.... But seriously, as of Jan 2021, is there any data suggesting to give collagen a look? Strap in folks, we gotta try to organize a little chaos here. We’ll walk you through what data to look at, what products to avoid, and what to look for in your c...

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Journey of a Proprietary Molecule: Algenist Vegan Collagen

We decode a lot of ingredients on Instagram, but one of the hardest categories to decode and do a deep dive on are proprietary ingredients. The other frustrating thing is that most proprietary molecule products usually come with a premium price tag. But there is one specific scenario that justifies premium serums — a well done testing plan with solid results. Makings of a Proprietary Ingredient There are many stages to validating a good ingredient. Generally speaking, you test on a petri dish...

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