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Do thermal water sprays really work?

Do thermal water sprays really work? Does spritzing that magical hot spring water provide any proven skin benefits? Should I go with Avene or La Roche Posay thermal water? These are just a few of the questions we have gotten about thermal water based skin mists. We’ll admit, before our friends asked about decoding thermal waters, it wasn’t a topic we really thought much about. Some of the concepts and outrageous claims that came with them felt like it had BS all over it. We even ran a quick i...

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The 2020 #LazyPoll Collection - The Best Lists From the IG Community

Let's hear From the IG Skincare Community! In 2020 we started running a few #lazypolls on instagram, where we polled our community of followers on their top skincare favorites. These were a huge success not only because of the product discoveries but we discovered fellow skincare users helping others through the poll threads. We had to compile the! So here you'll find the compilation of all the lazypolls we ran in 2020 and should you need more details, head to shop my shelf lin...

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A Last Minute Holiday Guide: The 2020 Skincare Kit Review

Tis the Season for Bundling! Kits can be a great value buy for people who are looking for a skincare routine starting point. But prices can vary from $15 to $450 so what’s a good starting point and what should you be looking for? Above is a snapshot of the kits we’ll go through. We selected these as examples of the type of kits you'll find out there and how we're comparing them. Read on to find out how we choose from these four. The Chemists' Selection Criteria: Products in the kits have to c...

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