Ceramides + Silymarin + Niacinamide

Mr. Reliable Lightweight Moisturizer

A refreshing, reliable (hah) staple for your skin’s moisturizing needs. The chemists combined lightweight hydration with best-in-class barrier-supporting ingredients. A simple one-and-done for any skin type. Layers well over any hydrating serum for those with dry skin.


How to use

It says it in the name, you CAN rely on this guy. This has been formulated to serve as the foundation of your skincare routine. You can dial up your moisturizer needs during cold winter days by adding a layer of hydrating serum underneath.


This formula is layer friendly for both your morning and evening routine. A little bit goes a long way - just one pump will do the trick!


The formula can be used both morning and night. For minimalists, this can be your one and done. For layerists, use Mr. Reliable after your serum step and before your face oil/balm step. 

Pssst...did you know?

Mr. Reliable 2.0 took over two years to formulate because the chemists got greedy and wanted all the actives. That's two years of chemists' blood, sweat, and tears that went into the bottle. (figuratively of course)

mr reliable moisturizer is packed with barrier-loving active ingredientsmr reliable comes in a lovely, light gel cream texturemr reliable is lightweight and suitable for all skin types

Ingredients List & Actives Profiles

You shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to take care of your skin. But, to be clear, someone needs the degree.

Barrier Helpers

3% Ceramide Complex

A blend of essential lipid components that mimics our own skin's lipid profile to help strengthen our moisture barrier and prevent dry skin.

2% Niacinamide

A well-known form of vitamin B3. This is the perfect sidekick to any moisturizing routine that helps maintain and reinforce a healthy skin barrier

1% Pre-biotic Lactobacillus Ferment

The third barrier helper in our cocktail helps skin fend off daily external aggressors that contribute to dry, dull skin.


0.5% silymarin

Also known as milk thistle extract. The chemists spent most of the two years working on a way to stabilize this active because of its strong soothing properties.

0.5% bisabolol

This is the isolated compound from German chamomile that is known for its potent soothing & skin brightening properties.


The Super Team of Water-Grabbing, Mega Hydrating, Humectants

5% glycerin, 1% panthenol, and 2% hyaluronic acid make a well-rounded team of hydrators. These are all the good water stuff that keeps skin dewy and looking its best no matter what kind of skin day you’re having.

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