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The Experiment Kit

The Experiment is our deluxe minis kit that features the skincare routine staples: cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate. This kit includes 5 minis that you can mix & match and find your skin's next BFF!

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Moisturizer Toolkit

This kit includes full-sized versions of our three moisturizing champions: Humectant champion - Aquafix Hydrating Gel, Emollient champion - The Better Oil, and Occlusive champion - Balm Voyage.

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Guided Intro to Skincare

Welcome to the Chemist Confession's multiverse — where good skincare means great formulations paired with scientific education. This deluxe bundle was created for anyone new to chemist skincare and includes our top 3 bestsellers and our hardcover Skincare Decoded Book.

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Back to Skincare Kit

With a full-size Mr. Reliable Moisturizer & Specialist AHA/BHA exfoliant, plus 3 deluxe samples of our Blank Slate Cleanser to take on the go whenever your skin needs a quick refresh!

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