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For those who want it all! This is basically the Chemist Confessions' brainchild. It’s the full 7-piece suite that covers the four skincare realms: cleansing, barrier care, exfoliation, & anti-aging. Mix & match, use multiple ways, you have all the power now!

Included: Blank Slate Gel Cleanser (150mL), Aquafix Water Gel (50mL), Mr. Reliable Moisturizer (50mL), The Better Oil (30mL), Balm Voyage (25mL), Baby Steps Gentle Exfoliator (30mL), Double Play Face & Eye Retinol (30mL)


How to use

With this 7-piece skincare suite, the skincare world is your oyster! We recommend checking out our "Recipes" page for more ideas on how to tweak and customize your skin routine!


Use 1-2 pumps of Blank Slate Gel Cleanser morning and night as a first step to your routine. Apply to wet skin and massage on face in a circular motion. Rinse with water. 


Aquafix Water Gel is your oil-free, soothing & hydrating serum. Use as a first step post-cleanse for a hydration boost or as a soothing prep step before your treatment step.

Mr. Reliable is your all-in-one moisturizer AM & PM to cover all your barrier care needs.

The Better Oil is your skin's nourishment and glow booster. Apply just 1-2 drops as a final step to your moisturizing routine.

Balm Voyage is your dry patch specialist. Dab on pesky dryness-prone areas on face, lips, elbows, etc. A little goes a long way!


Ensuring timely cell turnover is the key to skin upkeep! Use Baby Steps two ways: Add a single drop of Baby Steps to your serum/moisturizer step nightly for a gentle exfoliating experience. For a more potent experience, apply directly to face as a 10 minute wash-off mask.


For a gentle onboard, use Double Play 3 times a week nightly for two weeks. Once you feel your skin has a good handle on Double Play, increase frequency to nightly. To use as an eye cream, apply this formula to the crows feet and under eye area to tackle all your eye concerns. No need to buy extra little jars of eye stuff. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Pssst...did you know?

Our holiday kits are put together based on all our customer routines. This kit is back for a second year! Turns out people want the full Chemist Confessions skincare experience!

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