Skin pH Friendly + Fragrance-Free

Blank Slate Gentle Gel Cleanser

A low foam, amber-gel cleanser created to target that sweet spot between gentleness and cleansing power. This formula is the brainchild of the chemists looking for a one-and-done, dependable cleanser and vetted by CC Hatchery participants who self-identify as sensitive skin types. The cleanser removes sunscreen and daily makeup as a simple one-and-done. SLS, SLES, and coco betaine free.

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How to use

Blank Slate got its name because every good skincare routine should start with a dependable cleanser that's gentle but powerful enough to remove daily sunscreen and makeup.


Use 1-2 pumps morning and night as a first step to your routine. Apply to wet skin and massage on face in a circular motion. Rinse with water. 


For long-wear makeup users, Blank Slate is the perfect addition to any double cleanse routine. Remove makeup with your favorite makeup remover, cleansing balm, or cleansing oil and finish with Blank Slate to prep skin for the rest of your skincare goodness.

Pssst...did you know?

Cleansers are so personal that when the chemists first started formulating, they were formulating two completely different formulas (a cream & a gel) because they couldn’t decide. This is how our Incubator was born because at the end of the day, our users should get the final vote! Want to join the club and participate? Sign up here!

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Ingredients List & Actives Profiles

You shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to take care of your skin. But, to be clear, someone needs the degree.

Strategic Surfactants
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Not Your Normal Surfactants

This cleanser was formulated to be SLS, SLES, and even coco-betaine free. While these surfactants work for most, there is a subcategory of skin types that don’t do well with these surfactants, which seem to be in just about every cleanser out there. No skin type gets left out!

All Skintype Friendly

Skin-Friendly pH ~5.8

This ultra gentle surfactant blend paired with our skin-friendly pH makes this an easy cleanser to slot into your routine. Not sure if it's right for your sensitive skin? Try the Chemists' Experiment set!

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🚫 Freedoms & Friendlies

Fragrance Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free

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