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Podcast#26: Did someone say sebum? All about oily skin

First Posted on August 9, 2021 in:routine buildskincare fundamentals

Do you worry about the dreaded midday shine? This episode is for you!

In this episode dedicated to oily skin, chemists Victoria & Gloria talk about the biology of oily skin, why it's not all bad news, and some products and ingredients that target those overly productive sebaceous glands.

1:35 | Brand Update: gasp! We're finally ready for the Hatchery again

6:42 | In the News: MLB's gripe with sunscreen, new launches, and Victoria tricks Gloria with a #priceisright exercise

26:35 | The Meat: Biology of Oily Skin

38:00 | The Meat: Interesting studies about oily skin. Is it true that chocolate is an oily skin culprit?

49:45 | The Meat: Cult favorite oily skin products... do they work?

59:13 | Animal fun fact corner! Physics genius archer fish

1:03:33 | Q&A a CoQ10 study we missed... let's break down the data!




Get to Know Your Oily Skin!

The Good, the Bad, the So Shiny! To be fair, the label of “dry” and “oily” tend to be pretty broad sweeping statements. There’s a lot of nuances within each that factor in such as the climate, acne or no acne, sensitivity, etc. But this is definitely one of the first angles to look at when you're just starting to shape your routine to your specific skin needs even before getting into tackling skin concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, etc. So let’s take a closer look at the biology...

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The Chemists' Comprehensive Guide to Acne PT. 1

*For severe and cystic acne breakouts, we recommend finding an awesome dermatologist who is willing to help shape and build your acne routine from cleanser to treatment. Dermatologists are the only ones that will be able to prescribe more effective medication. Bring your products in to show your dermatologist so they can get a full understanding of your current regimen and what you’ve already tried. **As a nice supplement, checkout our oily skin guide to build out your skincare routine fundam...

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