2022 Community Poll Compilation *Updated 5/11/2022

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Here we'll update all the results of our #lazypolls we've ran in 2021. All of these are general snapshots and products are in no particular order. We highly recommend browsing the poll comments to get personal takes and use experiences. The #lazypoll has been running for the past 3 years and we've enjoyed the evolution of this series. You'll find users helping lost souls, sharing all sorts of detailed experiences, and discovering all sorts of new products.

*To help readers learn more about products showcased in each poll, we built out and organized these results in Shop My Shelf. We do receive a small commission for using our affiliate link. Thank you for your support!

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IG community poll winter moisturizers 2022

January 26, 2022: Winter Moisturizer Poll

Winter Moisturizer Poll Results 2022

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Some observations:

  • General range of creams, lotions, and gel creams.
  • A few mentioned face oils! Jojoba & rosehip oil were the favorites.
  • There were over 400 comments and ~200 products mentioned so there's clearly no favorites! Head to the community poll thread to discover even more moisturizers!
community poll vitamin C intro

March 3, 2022: Vitamin C Poll

Chemist Confessions 2022 Vitamin C Poll Results

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Some observations:

  • Found some favorites in each of the vitamin C product types, even powder vitamin C!
  • A growing number of people that like vitamin C derivatives (non-ascorbic acid) products
  • People seem to be catching on the vitamin C can be a real workhorse and preventative anti-aging step in our skincare routines. Great for summer skincare!
Intro Community Poll for Cleansers

April 28, 2022: Cleanser Poll

2022 Community Poll Results for Cleansers

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Probably the first way to shop by cleanser is by cleanser format. Here's our 5-second, rapid fire recommendations based on cleanser type:

  • 🟡 Cleansing oil & cleansing balm: dry skin, makeup heavy routines. Double cleansing option for residue-free formulas.
  • 🧴Cream & 💧gel cleanser: The most diverse and wide range of formulas. General good starting point for anyone just starting their journey. Avoid the squeak!
  • 💦Micellar water: ultra gentle, quick pick me up for that lunch time gym session.