​​The chemists would like to have a transparent conversation about your skincare.

After years of making skincare products for a beauty conglomerate, we saw firsthand that the skincare industry is basically just smoke and mirrors. We believe that by making skincare science fun and approachable and creating products that are founded in responsible formulation and transparent ingredient lists, we can empower you to make the best decision for your skin. So join us in our quest to #decodethatIL and find better skincare.

Our Ethos


The best ingredients are tried-and-true. We use only the most effective ingredients that are usually bolstered by countless of independently peer reviewed studies. Each ingredient is used at a precise concentration and we'll be happy to tell you exactly why. So rest assured, you're getting a helluva bang for your buck. No dashes of voodoo extract here.


We must confess, we find complicated regimens confusing too. Toners, essence, serum then ampoules what?? Simply put, despite the 745810 product categories, skincare ultimately falls into 4 simple categories: cleanse, moisturize, sun protection, and actives treatments.


The market is filled with a lot of BS. We promise to always be honest and to teach you about the science behind skincare to help you maneuver around all the confusion. That’s why we decode ingredient lists, sketch skin biology, and share up-and-coming skincare research on our blog and Instagram accounts. We also love questions, so please feel free to reach out!

Meet the Team

Victoria Fu

Dry in winter, oily in summer
Worried about these worry lines
Stubborn dark circles

Gloria Lu

Dry skin prone
Troublesome blackheads
Ever evolving freckles
Has a hard time with retinol