Glycolic Acid + Hyaluronic Acid + Bisabolol

Tis the Season to Glow

Tackle hyperpigmentation, stubborn skin texture, and brighten skin with our expert AHA treatment Gold Standard with 30% glycolic acid and 5% tranexamic acid plus our two soothing, moisturizing staples. Skin never looked so good!

Included: Gold Standard Exfoliating Treatment (30mL), Aquafix Hydrating Water Gel (50mL), the Better Oil Nourishing Emollients (30mL)


How to use

The chemists designed Gold Standard to be one of the most powerful home peels for skincare gurus that are ready to level up in efficacy and tackle stubborn skin texture or uneven pigmentation. To keep irritation at bay, this kit also features our soothing hydrating Aquafix and nourishing Better Oil.

Gold Standard Exfoliating Treatment

Add one drop to Gold Standard to Aquafix and mix at night after cleansing for a gentle, nightly exfoliating experience to keep skin smooth and tackle unwanted hyperpigmentation. For a more potent experience, after your cleansing step, apply a thin layer to dry skin and let it sit for 10 minutes of me-time. Wash-off and follow with the rest of your normal routine.

Aquafix Hydrating Water Gel

Aquafix is one of our most versatile formulas packed with soothers and hydrators. The soothers make it the perfect layering piece with any actives-heavy routine. Use as a first step post-cleansing. day and night to start your routine off on the right foot

The Better Oil Nourishing Emollients

End your routine with just a few drops of our barrier-loving, soothing Better Oil for a gentle, nourished glow.

Pssst...did you know?

Our holiday kits are put together based on all our customer routines. This combination includes the top soothing pairings with our glycolic acid champion, Gold Standard.

Ingredients List & Actives Profiles

You shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to take care of your skin. But, to be clear, someone needs the degree.


0.5% Madecassoside & Asiaticoside

This is the actual isolated active component of the beloved centella asiatica extract that's famous for its soothing superiority.

1% Allantoin

One of the original soothing molecules that has withstood the tests of time, allantoin is naturally found in our bodies, as well as in plants and animals.


Hydrating, Skin Quenching, Water-grabbing Humectants

While there isn’t a single best humectant, the secret sauce is to use a calculated blend of the top performers, that each brings something unique to the table! Aquafix contains our perfect blend of 5% glycerin, 2% sodium PCA, 2% panthenol, and 0.5% hyaluronic acid to keep skin happily hydrated.

Glycolic Acid (AHA)

30% Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is the smallest and mightiest molecule of the AHA family. It takes slightly more time and patience to find the perfect dose of glycolic acid that’s efficacious without irritation. But the results are worth it! Don't listen to us, there's plenty of data to back up its great benefits.

Barrier Care

0.5% ɑ-tocopherol

The most bioavailable form of Vitamin E. ɑ-Tocopherol helps promote and maintain a healthy skin barrier so skin looks and feels its best.

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